Question: Can a teenage Sim get pregnant in sims Freeplay?

A – Yes you can!

Can teenage Sims WooHoo in Sims FreePlay?

Sims cannot be romantic with each other until you complete the Love Is In The Air quest. Only Adult and Senior Sims can WooHoo.

What can Teenage Sims do FreePlay?

What hobbies can a teen do?Arcade Gamer & Archery.Bowling & Breakdancing.Broomstick Flying & Catwalk Model.Cooking & Diving.Dog Agility & Dog Obedience.Fashion Hunter & Figure Skating.Internet Kitten & Juggling.Make up Artist & Potion Brewing.More items •14 Nov 2014

Can unmarried Sims have babies FreePlay?

Only adult female sims can become pregnant but they dont have to be married! Once the quest is over you can still earn maternity tokens to buy all the items from the maternity store by completing another pregnancy event (206,740 tokens are needed in total to buy everything from the maternity store)

How many babies can a Sim have in Sims FreePlay?

Q – How many pregnant Sims can I have at one time? A – You can have one Pregnant Sim in the Pregnancy Event at a time - however you can have an unlimited number of Pregnant Sims up to your Sim count level.

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