Question: How do I access AOL chat rooms?

To view the rooms created by AOL users, open the Created by AOL Members tab. Use the search box to search for a specific chat room. Join a private chat room by clicking the Enter or Start Private Chat link, typing the exact name of the chat room and clicking Go Chat.

Does AOL still have chat rooms?

AOL has made the decision to shut down AOL Chat Rooms, which are currently only available to AOL Desktop Gold subscribers. No, the only thing being decommissioned is Chat Rooms. All other features of AOL Desktop Gold will continue to function normally.

Does Google meet have chat rooms?

You can chat in Google Meet using the platforms messaging feature, which allows you to send text messages and links to other video chat participants during a call. The chat feature on Google Meet is available on both desktop and mobile platforms.

What are the disadvantages of Google meet?

Cons: There is a limit of about 100 people that can join the meeting at a time which can be an issue for larger group meetings. And the backdrops are not high quality as you sometimes can see yourself fading into the background, which some clients complain about the way it makes them look.

Is there a way to find old AIM conversations?

Can I see my old AIM conversations? As long as logging is enabled in your AIM client, you can view prior conversations on your Mac. When logging is enabled, an option to view log files is added to your AIM client, and your AIM conversations are saved to a log file in HTML format.

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