Question: Which matrimonial site is best for Gujarati?

How do you give matrimonial advertising?

Just follow these steps to publish your Matrimonial ad in the newspaper of your choice:Select Ad Type.Select Newspaper and Package.Select Preferences.Write Your Ad.Select Dates and Make Payment.Receive Invoice.

How do I give a marriage ad?

The Hindu Matrimonial AdsStep 1: Select “Matrimonial” classifieds ad. First, select the “Matrimonial” option from the list of classified ad types and select either a text ad or a display ad format.Step 2: Select the newspaper. Step 3: Compose and preview. Step 4: Schedule your ads. Step 5: Payment summary and payment.

How can I improve my marriage profile?

There are some tips to build an impressive matrimony profile are as follows:1) You Should Be Honest With the Information Provided: 2) Pictures Are the Heart of a Profile: 3) Make Sure Your Profile Is Enough Detailed: 4) Mentioning the Family Background: 5) Partner Preferences: 6) Get A Second Opinion About The Profile:More items

How can I write my profile in Shaadi com?

Keep it short and simple and write about your nature, your likes/dislikes, food habits, values, career, religious beliefs and your family background. These are basic things people want to know. You could also ask your family or best friend to help you with your profile.

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