Question: Which is the most expensive area of Islamabad?

E-7: Home to many diplomats and foreign consulates, the sector is considered Islamabads most expensive sector. F-6: According to our research, F-6 is the second most expensive sector in the town. The sector is also home to the citys most expensive markets, Kousar and Supermarket.

Which is the most expensive area in Pakistan?

The largest metropolis of Pakistan, Karachi, is also the most expensive one to live in. As per the NPMC report, it has the highest price difference of 94.81% between market and approved rates by the local district administration. The second-most expensive city in Pakistan is also in Sindh.

Which is the most posh area in Pakistan?

Clifton is an upscale and historic seaside locality in Karachi, Pakistan. Clifton is one of the most affluent parts of the city, with some of Karachis most expensive real estate.

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