Question: How much is premium in World of Tanks?

Purchasing Premium Account in-game using Gold 360 days, 24,000. 180 days, 13,500. 90 days, 7,500.

How much does World of Tanks premium cost?

Purchasing Premium Account in-game using Gold 360 days, 24,000. 180 days, 13,500. 90 days, 7,500.

What does premium do in World of Tanks?

A World of Tanks Premium Account gives more credits and experience per battle. 65% more Experience per battle. 65% more Crew Experience per battle. 50% more credits earned in a battle.

Where can I buy gold in World of Tanks?

Wargaming Gold can be bought directly from Wargaming and will be added to your game account.

What is warships premium account?

Warships Premium Account applies only to World of Warships. It brings you more credits and XP that can facilitate your progress in the game, and brings you even more XP per battle than Wargaming Premium Account. Warships Premium Account offers you the following bonuses: +65% XP per battle. +50% credits per battle.

How do I create a World of Tanks account?

0:073:47Starting World of Tanks - Account Creation, Installation and Boot Camp!YouTube

What is a gold tank in World of Tanks?

Gold is the second major currency in World of Tanks next to credits. It is considered the Premium currency and cannot be earned by playing standard game modes. Gold is only available in Premium Shop packages, such as the fantastic offers below, or as a special reward for tournaments and other events.

What do you use coal for in World of Warships?

What can Coal be exchanged for? You can exchange Coal in the Armory for Premium ships, unique Commanders, collection containers, camouflages, signals, and patches. In Update 0.9.

How do I make a World of Tanks blitz account?

Registration Using IDIf you want to immediately create a game account in ID system, select the item Login using password on the authorization screen.Tap Create WG.NET ID.Fill in the profile data and tap Create WG.NET ID.More items

How do I log into World of Tanks?

Go to the World of Tanks website and enter your username and password to go to the Account Management page or try to log into the game.

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