Question: Why did they replace Alana with Bianca on Thats So Raven?

11 Alanna Left The Show Because Of Real Life Fights With Raven. Adrienne Bailon, who starred with Raven in The Cheetah Girls films, also played the mean girl, Alana, throughout the second season of Thats So Raven. However, she was written out of the show thanks to being “so bad she went to military school.”

What happened to Bianca in Thats So Raven?

One day, during gym, Raven accidentally hits Bianca in the face with a dodgeball (which literally “knocked the bad out of her,” as Chelsea put it). She returned to her old self in the end of the episode after Raven falls on her from a rope.

Why did they replace Adrienne Bailon on Thats So Raven?

Thats So Raven: Adrienne Bailon Left the Show Because of Behind-the-Scenes Drama. The Disney Channel sitcom, Thats So Raven aired between 2003 and 2007. This Disney Channel hit starred Raven-Symoné as the psychic teenager Raven Baxter. Alana and Raven were natural enemies on and off the show.

Do Alana and Raven become friends?

While disguised as her hairdresser, Raven accidentally got her gum stuck in her hair. Alana and her crew were the only ones to follow Ravens protest against Principal Lawlers school uniforms rule. We learn that in Run Raven Run that Raven and Alana used to be best friends until the 4th grade.

Who is Bianca on Thats So Raven?

Erica Flor Rivera Erica Flor Rivera (born December 18, 1988) is an American actress, singer, rapper, dancer, and artist who played a minor role as Bianca on the Disney Channel show Thats So Raven.

Who plays Buffy in Thats So Raven?

Rachel Fox She was only seen in a few episodes, mainly as Sydneys foil. It is implied that Buffy is to Sydney what Muffy is to Raven .BuffyNemesis:SydneyProduction InfoPortrayed by:Rachel FoxFirst Appearance:Sister Act7 more rows

Who plays Max in Thats So Raven?

Brian Sites MaxFirst appearanceTest of FriendshipLast appearanceTeach Your Children WellNo. of episodes2Portrayed byBrian Sites4 more rows

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