Question: Are Orange amps worth the money?

orange amps are great, and id say theyre one of the best amps to buy for rock and punk. they have amazing crunch and the cleans sound pretty good too. i would say that theyre worth all that money, but if you can get one used, it may be your best bet. the new thunderverb is pretty revolutionary tho.

Does orange make good amps?

Youll Love Orange Amps If… Youre after one of the best amp tones around. Contrary to popular belief, Orange amps arent just for stoner rock, doom metal or anything fuzzy either. Theyre great because you can dial in virtually any type of tone you might not have thought possible.

Do Orange amps sound good clean?

The TH30 has fantastic cleans. Its a pretty good amp, and if you can live with the shape knob on the dirty channel (it works very well IMO), it would be my choice.

Is the Orange crush a tube amp?

Orange is best known for its loud, high-output classic guitar amp heads and extremely popular Terror Series mini tube amps, but over recent years the company has significantly expanded its offerings.

Is the Orange Crush 35RT a tube amp?

With 35 Watts of classic Orange tone, this lively little amp is extremely versatile and great for practicing or gigging. With 2 channels (clean and dirty) the 35RT is a much simpler version of some of the other combos in the Crush series. This is a no-nonsense amp that delivers tube like sound quality and performance.

Is the Orange Crush 35RT loud?

Orange Crush 35RT long term review Bought it as a practice amp as my other Oranges are of the larger variety. This amp is way more than just a practice amp. It gets real near the touch and guitar volume control responsiveness of a tube amp. It gets very loud as well.

Is the Orange Crush 35RT loud enough?

The Crush 35RT looks solid because it is solid - tough enough and loud enough for small gigs, as well as rehearsal and home use. The 35RT has plenty of classic and modern Orange tone on tap, sounding equally great at bedroom levels or cranked up with a band.

Where are Orange Crush amps made?

the UK Some production has moved across the water (the TH series for instance is made in China) but the vast majority of Oranges amplifiers and cabinets are still made here in the UK.

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