Question: What kind of nightlife is there in Belgrade Serbia?

The most popular places of this kind, are Summer Club Sindikat, Winter Club Casina, River Club and Hua Hua. The best way to discover the local places is with a local people. You can find two types of clubs in Belgrade: winter clubs and summer clubs.

Does Serbia have good nightlife?

Serbia is a country that never sleeps. It is most famous for its nightlife around the world. People from around the globe travel here especially to enjoy the nightlife in huge numbers. The Gradska Kafana is also a great place to enjoy traditional Serbian folk and local music.

What is there to do in Belgrade at night?

Roam the bohemian quarters of Skadarlija. Go clubbing by the river. Belgrade pub crawl (from USD 53.0) Visit Sinnerman Jazz Club. Talking a walk along the Danube and watching the sunset. People watching at Knez Mihailova Street. Adrenalin Escape Rooms. Enjoy a fancy dinner at Casa Nova.More items •24 Aug 2021

Is it easy to hook up in Belgrade?

The nightlife here is quite unique in that it varies by season. In the warm summer months the floating clubs on the Sava River open up and that is where you will have the easiest chance to hook up with Belgrade girls. Once the weather gets colder they close down and things move more into the downtown area.

What is the party capital of Europe?

Ibiza. When party and Europe are put into one place, Ibiza is one place that just cannot be left. Offering an exciting mix of happening places to be and music events to celebrate, Ibiza is rightly called the Party Capital of the World.

Is it worth visiting Belgrade?

What makes Belgrade truly worth visiting is the fact that it is still very unknown and unexplored for tourists – you can enjoy your holiday without huge crowds around you. If you have never been to the Balkans and you want to start exploring the region – Serbia, and especially Belgrade, is definitely a good start.

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