Question: When to make eye contact with a guy?

Eye contact is a powerful tool when it comes to getting someones attention. When the interest is related to flirting and attraction, couples may lock eyes and hold eye contact as if they were hypnotized by each other. Prolonged eye contact usually tells a guy that youre interested in getting to know more about him.

When should you make eye contact?

Make eye contact before you start talking to someone. Use the 50/70 rule. Maintain eye contact 50% of the time when speaking and 70% when listening. Look for 4–5 seconds.

What does it mean when a guy makes eye contact with you while talking?

If a man is giving you intense eye contact whilst youre speaking, they may well find you sexually attractive, but that might not have anything to do with it. It might just be that they genuinely find the things youre saying to be deeply interesting, and are listening intently so as not to miss any of it.

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