Question: How much is hinge UK?

Hinge claims youll go on twice as many dates with its paid-for Preferred membership. If youre hopeful you can delete after only one month, it will cost you £29.49 for a subscription. But if you pay for three months upfront, it is £58.99, only £19.66 a month.

Is Hinge free UK?

While Hinge is free to download, theres upgrade options for Preferred Membership. Another useful feature of Hinge Preferred is the ability to see everyone who likes you. As a free member, I can only see them one at a time, and so have to reject one by one as I go through them.

How much is Hinge subscription UK?

Is Hinge expensive or cheap?Duration / Credits / CoinsCostsTotalPreferred Member1 Month19.99 GBP / Month19.99 GBP3 Months13.33 GBP / Month39.99 GBP6 Months10.00 GBP / Month59.99 GBPMay 5, 2021

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