Question: How to find a rich man on Facebook?

How do I get a rich client on Facebook?

HOW TO BOMB FACEBOOK FOR RICH CLIENTS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN.Create a fake social media account.Add Rich and popular people.Target the friends of these rich people.Pick one, two or three targets.Create Awareness – Get Noticed by your clients to-be.Keep commenting to spread your colours everywhere.Message them.Apr 20, 2019

Where can I find a handsome rich man?

Where to meet rich menDry cleaner.High-end grocery stores.Expensive gyms.Galleries.Antique fairs.Mykonos.Weddings.Wine bar.More items •Jul 3, 2019

Which site can I get sure client?

60 Places to Find Clients (with examples)Clickfunnels.Referrals.Paid Ads.Door Knocking.Presentations/Speaking Gigs.Dominating SEO.Instagram.9. Facebook.More items

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