Question: Is IRC still available?

Today, there are still over 2,000 IRC servers and almost 500 IRC networks (groups of affiliated servers) operating worldwide. Still, many people have abandoned IRC since the early 00s due to the rise of the myriad competing online social spaces.

Where can I access the IRC?

Where to get IRC software?Desktop or mobile client. Get a IRC client software (see software list). Simply through a Web browser. Web based alternatives to join a channel (dont forget to select a reasonable nick name): Chatzilla auto-identification. TAB extension. IRC Ghosts.22 Mar 2018

How do I join an IRC channel?

Join an IRC chat roomFrom the Contact List window, choose Room ▸ Join.From the Account drop-down list, select the IRC account that corresponds to the network you want to use.In the Room text box, type the name of the channel you want to join. Click Join to enter the room.

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