Question: What happened Jonah Marais?

Jonah Marais of Why Dont We is recovering after suffering an injury to his left ear on Wednesday that required 25 stitches. He added: “So grateful that it wasnt a worse injury.” The accident happened a little more than a year after Marais was stricken by COVID-19. “Its been really hard on me.

Is Jonah still in why dont we?

They have been speculated to be no longer together but nothing was officially announced in 2020. Based off her Instagram, she has removed her highlight stories about Jonah and the band. Jonah has confirmed they have broken up but not much information has been provided on the cause.

Where is Jonah from why dont we from?

Stillwater, Minnesota, United States Jonah Marais/Place of birth

Does Jonah Marais have anxiety?

i used to have tons of anxiety and i would constantly look at photos of myself and not like how i looked so i would skip meals, or only eat a little here and there.” Marais said he has been taking care of himself, working out regularly and eating well.

Did Why dont we split up 2020?

The boys are back! Why Dont We has returned from its nine-month hiatus. The band — comprising Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery and Zach Herron — completely logged off of social media in February to both take a break and start fresh on the future of WDW.

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