Question: What is the best way to get someone interested in you if you are an Aquarius?

Since Aquarius is an air sign, they love to learn and expand their minds. A good way to pique their interest is to share uncommon facts or strike up a conversation about things like politics. People usually shy away from this, but Aquarians dont.

How do you show an Aquarius you are interested?

Heres how to make an Aquarius man obsessed with you:Play hard to get. Aquarius men love the chase and will find you more appealing if you play hard to get. Dont be the jealous type. Surprise him. Be mysterious. Be independent. Show your intellectual side.16 Dec 2020

Why do I attract Aquarius?

“People are drawn to Aquarius because they are unconventional, revolutionary, visionary, and truly unique,” Philip Young, Ph. D., astrologer and spiritual advisor at AskAstrology, tells Bustle. “They have a sharp mind, a wicked sense of humor, and a willingness to go way outside the box just to have an experience.

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