Question: What is it like living with someone with MS?

What is it like to live with someone with MS?

However, living with MS can be both physically and mentally overwhelming when symptoms develop. Constant fatigue is common for people with MS. This tiredness can impact all aspects of life, including effective brain use and the ability to go out and partake in activities.

Do people with MS have personality changes?

While many with MS will experience depression or anxiety at some point, more rarely, some people experience changes to their emotions or behaviour that dont seem to make sense, or that they arent able to control.

How does a person with MS feel?

Throbbing pain in the face. Brief, intense pain that runs from the back of the head to the spine. Burning or aching across the body, which is also called the “MS hug” Aches caused by stiffness or muscle spasms.

How bad is multiple sclerosis?

The damaged nerves can result in problems with coordination, gait disturbances, and difficulty standing. As the disease progresses, vision, memory, speech, and writing problems may occur. Multiple sclerosis is not generally the cause of death, but it can be a severely disabling condition.

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