Question: What model is married to a hockey player?

Nastasiya Ovechkina. Nastasiya Ovechkina is wife to Russian hockey player Alexander Ovechkin. She is a model and film producer, as well as the daughter of Vera Glagoleva, who was a Russian actress and film director. Nastasiya and Alexander met at an afterparty when she attended the 2008 Summer Olympics with her father.

Is Ron Duguay still married to Kim Alexis?

Personal life. Alexis is divorced from former NHL hockey player Ron Duguay, with whom she has a son, Noah. She also has two sons, Jamie and Bobby, with ex-husband Jim Stockton. Alexis raised her family in Tampa, Florida.

Who is Kim Alexis married to?

Ron Duguaym. 1993–2013 Jim Stocktonm. 1983–1992 Kim Alexis/Spouse Where is she now? At age 46 she lives in Florida and is married to former New York Rangers hockey player Ron Duguay. They have five children.

Who discovered Kim Alexis?

KIMS. DISCOVERY She was in modeling school one night when a talent scout spotted her. Soon John Casablancas from Elite Models in New York flew to Buffalo to sign her to a modeling contract.

Is Mike Fisher a hunter?

As a former ice hockey player, Mike Fishers the type of a person thats built for outdoors with a passion for hunting and fishing. He attends hunt camp in Kentucky with his brother Bud and acquaintance Austin Casselman.

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