Question: Who does farmer will end up with?

Farmer Will and Jaimee Farmer Will picked Jaimee, breaking Kristinas heart in the process. But the two ended things on a friendly note, and Will now looks to the future with the pediatric nurse.

Are Will and Jamie from farmer still together?

Farmer Will and Jaimee: Still together (we think?) On the show, we saw no sign of romance between the pair, though Hayley claimed she dated Farmer Will in December 2020, shortly after filming wrapped but before the reunion episode was filmed.

Who pregnant in Farmer Wants A Wife?

Farmer Will Dwyer — who starred as one of the bachelors looking for love on Farmer Wants A Wife — has broken his silence after contestant Hayley Love confirmed she was pregnant with his child.

Who did Andrew pick on Farmer Wants A Wife?

Jess was Andrews finale pick. Seven months on from filming, the pair have confirmed they are still very much together and as smitten as ever! Shortly after the finale aired, Andrew took to Instagram to declare his love for Jess.

Who is the father of Hayleys baby from Farmer wants a wife?

Now, Hayley, who appeared on the show to date Farmer Matt, has confirmed she is pregnant and Farmer Will is the father. “I am 22 weeks pregnant with Farmer Wills child,” Hayley wrote in a statement to Hayley appeared on the show for Matt.

Which farmer found a wife?

Farmer Andrew Guthrie and Jess Nathan have found love on Farmer Wants A Wife — and are still going strong.

Who is pregnant in Farmer Wants A Wife?

Hayley Love Everyone by now will have heard that Farmer Wants A Wife contestant Hayley Love is pregnant with Farmer Wills child. Since the shocking announcement, Hayley deactivated her Instagram account and kept it relatively lowkey as she rode out the media storm in private.

Which farmer wife is pregnant?

But thats exactly what happened when contestant Hayley revealed that she is pregnant with Farmer Wills child, despite dating Farmer Matt on the show. The bombshell sent shockwaves across social media and now Will has broken his silence after previously remaining tight-lipped about the pregnancy.

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