Question: Who is Chloe Sims daughter?

How are Chloe Demi and Frankie related?

Not much is known yet about Frankie Sims. She is sisters with Chloe and Demi Sims, and is 24-years-old, making her the middle sister. Chloe Sims is 36-years-old, and Demi Sims is 22-years-old. Frankie is also the cousin of Frankie and Joey Essex.

Does Chloe Sims have a mum?

The Brockett family Chloe Brockett, 20, joined the show this series, with her Mum Clare Brockett, 42.

Why does Tana hate Francesca?

Tana Mongeau blasts Francesca Farago for making Harry Jowsey delete TikToks with her in. YouTuber Tana Mongeau has called out Too Hot To Handle star Francesca Farago, claiming that she made Harry Jowsey delete a TikTok featuring the influencer, and tried to get Tana to do the same with her video of Harry.

Why did Francesca and Demi break up?

The reality TV star said that another factor behind the split was that she felt unsupported as she made the move to the UK to be with Demi while she filmed scenes for TOWIE.

What did Tana say about Francesca?

Tana claimed that Francesca then tried to get her to delete the video. “Fun fact, actually really really sad fact, Francesca made Harry delete the TikTok we made last night and tried to make me delete mine,” she said. “Im so sorry youre so threatened by our friendship, sweetie.”

Did Francesca and Harry break up again?

Francesca Farago and Harry Jowseys breakup In the video, she said that Harry chose to break up as he couldnt manage a long-distance relationship. She revealed that she was heartbroken and ended the video by stating that she is single again.

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