Question: Whats the difference between emo and scene?

Emo silhouettes are thin, smooth and flat, occasionally featuring sharp angles and asymmetry. It is popular for the hair in front to be long, while the hair in the back is short. Scene hairstyles are exaggerated versions of the emo look, often dyed in a rainbow of neon colors, and backcombed to be bigger and fluffier.

What is difference between scene and emo?

While emo is associated with words like emotional, depression, shy, sensitive, introverted, self-injury and suicide, the words scene is associated with lively, vibrant, emotionally brave and like that. 1. Scene kids are known to be lively, happy and colourful. The emo kids are mostly emotional and get depressed fast.

Can you be scene and emo?

Scene culture emphasizes socializing, dance music, partying and wearing neon colors. It is possible to be both emo and scene, but it will require a good understanding of both scenes and the willingness to mix and match the fashions and music of both camps.

Is scene the same as Goth?

Definitions of Punk, Goth and Scene: Goth: Goth is a mindset as well as a subculture that became prevalent in the western world during the eighties. Scene: Scene is a term used to describe kids and is influenced by many subgenres of rock music.

Why do people hate mall goths?

During this period, animosity between mall goths and traditional goths was common. The conflict between the two cultures arose through many traditional goths perceiving mall goths to be simply interested in the fashion, and having little interest in gothic rock and the bands that spawned the subculture.

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